STAR Dry Needling Policy

Trigger Point Dry Needling Policy Change

Effective April 15, 2024 TDN services will require a $45.00 payment each day this service is performed. We ask that you pay for this service before you are treated. This collected payment is separate from any other charges submitted to your insurer and does not include other patient responsibilities for each physical therapy session. 

It is now your choice if we submit this service to your insurance. Most insurance plans do not cover this service and/or will give a lot of pushback when charged. Since there are fewer obstacles when not submitting to insurance, we are offering a Special Bundle Discount Package that will only be available to patients who do not choose to submit to insurance. 

Special Rate: 5 sessions = $180.00 (1 free TDN session)

Without the special rate: 5 sessions =  $225.00

Either choice you make, you can still submit to your insurance for reimbursement. If so, you will need an itemized bill to show proof of payment and your physical therapy note for that date of service. Please ask us if these documents are needed.